Thursday, December 2, 2010

Gospel dinner

Praise the Lord!

Thanks to many generous sponsors there were 42 tables = 504 seats = FULL HOUSE

It was a successful event with wonderful speakers Tony Ma and Francis Chan and a number of people were prayed for, received blessings, and accepted Christ during the course of the evening...

Here is selection of comments:

"I look forward to seeing how God will further bless His people at ICS and more blessings to come!!"

"I can’t tell you how touched and inspired I was by last’s Gospel. It was joyful and encouraging to me, as a Christian and as a mother. It was heart-warming to see the happy faces in the hall."

"I am so proud that our parents have done such a marvelous Gospel dinner... One man had tears in his eyes and after speaking to him, I was so moved that the Holy Spirit inspired him to receive Jesus as his personal saviour at our banquet. He has been to many Christian meetings where the seeds were sown, but it was last night that he has signed up to spend eternity with God and us. The great thing is he said that he will go home to tell his daughter and wife about his encounter with Jesus. No doubt, the speaker was excellent..."

"I really feel that each of us came away encouraged and refreshed in our faith walk and shared in the passion of the Father's heart for the lost."

"Pastor Francis Chan's message is very powerful and challenging. I am touched by his message."

"I'm tremendously blessed by Francis' message and the joined efforts and love in Christ that...Board, the PA Event Committee, PA EXCO, the Prayer team and everyone involved have put in to make this a successful outreach event and a heart-warming ICS community Dinner."

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