Monday, August 7, 2017

2017-2019 PA Executive Committee

Welcome to the new school year of 2017/2018.
During the last AGM in May 2017, we voted in our current executive committee members:

2017-2019 PA Executive Committee (PA EXCO) Members
Chairman             Kenneth Leung
Vice Chairman    Maggie Lau-Tsih
Vice Chairman    Kelly Chan
Secretary              Vicki Maronilla
Treasurer             Sharon Szeto 
Campus Representatives
  • Adeline Choy
  • Virginia Wong 
  • Crystal Au
    Jennifer Lam
  • Ester Leong
  • Davy Wong
  • Polly Yee  
  • Fiona Chan
  • Benjimen Chu
  • Ruby Lam 
  • Virginia Lam
  • Wang Xiao Lei 
  • Pai Li Shu
Prayer Group Coordinators
  • Anthony Wong
  • Rebecca Zeng
We look forward to working with all parents, teachers and staff in the coming two years. Please do not hesitate to approach any of us or email regarding any concerns or observations you may have. Thanks

Friday, May 27, 2016

AGM Report 2016

We are pleased to inform you that the ICS PA AGM 2016 went successfully last night with quorum met through 20 members attending and 42 valid proxies. We all enjoyed the talk by our special guest Dr. Esther Su on the topic of serving God in unity. During the AGM, our chairperson Eddie gave an overview of the Chairperson's report and our treasurer Kenneth went through the Financial Reports, which showed a healthy financial status.

The resolution on Comprehensive Membership was passed without contest and the following nominees were elected into office for the 2-year term 2016-2018:

Vice Chair: Maggie Lau Tsih
Secretary: Virginia Lam Chan
SS Rep: Sally Wong Ng
ES Rep: Kelly Chan
KG Rep: Adeline Choy Lam

We had a live partial coverage of the AGM on our Facebook page ( where you are welcome to watch a replay of the live video.

ICS PA Executive Committee 2016-17

Chairman: Eddie Tsui
Vice Chair: Fiona Gauntlett, Maggie Lau Tsih
Secretary: Virginia Lam Chan
Treasurer: Kenneth Leung

Campus Representatives

Kindergarten (2)
Amy Wong Yip, Adeline Choy Lam

Elementary (6)
Davy Wong, Crystal Do Au, Kelly Chan, 3 vacancies

Secondary (6)
Shelly Griggs, Theresa Lau Muk, Sally Wong Ng, 3 vacancies

Prayer Coordinators (2)
Anthony Wong, Rebecca Xie Zeng

There are a few vacancies for Campus Representative. If you would like to serve or would like more information, please contact us.

Chairman's Report

May 26, 2016

Dear ICS Parents,
It is my honor and privilege to have served on the P.A. for the past four years, this year serving in the role of Chairman.
I would like to share with you my reflection on what we strived to achieve during the past year. It is rewarding to record that new members have joined in 2015-2016 and positive changes were introduced with enhanced communication among students, parents, teachers, and the school management.
In 2015-2016 we have 477 paying members from the ICS parent community.
In keeping with our objective, namely committed support to the School for the welfare of students, we organized prayer meetings, sub-committees on various matters, parenting workshops, teacher and staff appreciation lunches, and snacks for student fellowship gatherings. We also sponsored the Walktoberfest bouncy house rental.  Through these activities, we managed to bring parents together to consolidate resources to support the School in whatever ways we could.
A technology sub-committee was formed to monitor the progress of using technology in schools.  This sub-committee had various parents joining and contributing their time in a monthly meeting with the school IT stakeholders. During the monthly meetings, we reviewed the usage of the 1-1 computer program, reported feedback on parents concern, and developed workshops for parents. We aim to drive correct usage behaviors and ethics for students on using technology in their lives.
A school curriculum sub-committee was formed to work with school management on reviewing High School curriculum.  We aim to develop Christian life for the students as well as being well-rounded in different subjects such that students can be motivated to develop their areas of talent.  Most important, their Christian spiritual life has to be developed, not just bible knowledge.
PA also has established a communication channel with the Board of Trustees, and the School Management Committee.  ICS Parent Association is the only recognized parent group committed under ICS.  We have the responsibility of reflecting parents viewpoints, and also giving out the Board directions to the parents.  PA will keep serving as this communication channel among parents, student, and school management.
ICS PA was also in communication with neighboring Wong Kam Fai PTA on several community matters, such as traffic control, community services, and also reflecting school concerns on the city planning.
Thanks to the Prayer Coordinators, several parenting events were organized with Dr. Esther Su.  The workshop was not only addressed to our parents, students from ES and SS also participated.  ICS PA like to would encourage parents and students keep joining the prayer meetings and workshops in order to develop a healthy spiritual life.
This year we finished reviewing the comprehensive membership model to be presented at the AGM.This model can improve our efficiency and reflect all our parents concern as a whole.  We are looking forward to more activities being done next year under this new model.
ICS PA also witnessed new leadership emerging on the PA Executive Committee, working as subcommittee point persons or members. The knowledge, expertise, and time invested by them will be rewarded by the setting up of a good documentary foundation that benefits all PA ExCo members in the future.
Last but not the least, I am thankful to all ExCo members for their hard work on organizing events, having monthly meetings with principals, joining sub-committee meetings, etc.  I also give special thanks to those ExCo members that are ending their term of services this year. Special thanks are given to those stepping down - Campus Representatives Jennifer Loh, Kinal Ng, Pippi Lo, and Polly Wong as well as those ExCo who have served many years - Becky Su, Bert Wong, and Eppie Lam. These committed parents have served on the ICS PA and their contributions cannot be ignored.  
May God’s spirit fill us and may God bless our students, parents, and school management.
And we all pray in Jesus’s name,
Eddie Tsui

Monday, April 25, 2016


This year's ICS PA AGM will be held on ThursdayMay 26, 2016, from 7pm to 9pm at the Chapel.

We are grateful that Dr. Esther Su will be our special AGM speaker and she will be sharing with us a topic on serving in unity.
During the AGM, we will also be electing new members for some of the positions on the Executive Committee (ExCo). If you would like to serve for a term in ExCo or know another member of the Parent Association you would like to recommend to serve, please read the nomination material and complete the Nomination Form and Statement of Faith
For the 2016-17 academic school year, the following positions are up for re-election or are open.
-       Vice Chair (1), Secretary (1), Membership Secretary (1)
-       Campus Representatives: Kindergarten (1), Elementary (4), Secondary (4)
Please return all Nomination Forms to the PA ExCo by May 19, 2016.  Please e-mail to the or put the Nomination Form in an envelope marked “PA - Election”, and send it to school with your child. For Secondary parents, your child can give the envelope to the School Office.
If you cannot make the meeting, your vote will still count if you fill out the proxy form ( but we hope to see you there. 
Please email if you have any questions.

Friday, April 15, 2016


As far back as 2009, PA talked about ways to serve the community and save resources by organizing textbook, childrens' book and uniform swaps (exchanges). The uniform swap has become quite popular - who doesn't like to save a few dollars here and there. In the last couple of years the swap has become known as "Re-Uniform" and has been organized about three times - Back to School Night, Walktoberfest, and in the spring. Besides donations received from parents of their students' outgrown, but gently used uniforms, there are unclaimed, then laundered Lost and Found items as well.

PA seeks parent volunteers to help with Re-Uniform as well as helping Lost and Found items find their owners. One would be amazed to see how quickly things pile up! If you can lend a helping hand, please contact us.

University Advising event

PA is always considering how to engage the community by hosting or proposing events that may be of interest to parents each year.

Although there is a College Night at the beginning of the year and representatives from various schools visit on a regular basis for students to talk to, PA proposed an event to University Advising for HS parents to find out more about planning for college.

Advisors Sue Farley and Jon Widdifield organized a trio of sessions - information and planning, how to use Naviance, a new online tool, and a guest panel of alumni - students, Harry Fung and Jonathan Ho and parents, Mr. Fung and Mr. and Mrs. Cliff. The panel provided valuable information and fielded questions from parents.

PA provided refreshments that were much enjoyed and gave everyone some time to mingle.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Prayer Groups

PA has two Prayer Group coordinators, Rebecca Zeng and Anthony Wong. Please join us for fellowship, praise, worship and prayer for the school.

Daytime - every Thursday meet at 8am for breakfast in the K.S. Cafeteria

Evening - on the last Monday of each month 7:30pm in the ICS Chapel, 5th floor