Friday, May 27, 2016

AGM Report 2016

We are pleased to inform you that the ICS PA AGM 2016 went successfully last night with quorum met through 20 members attending and 42 valid proxies. We all enjoyed the talk by our special guest Dr. Esther Su on the topic of serving God in unity. During the AGM, our chairperson Eddie gave an overview of the Chairperson's report and our treasurer Kenneth went through the Financial Reports, which showed a healthy financial status.

The resolution on Comprehensive Membership was passed without contest and the following nominees were elected into office for the 2-year term 2016-2018:

Vice Chair: Maggie Lau Tsih
Secretary: Virginia Lam Chan
SS Rep: Sally Wong Ng
ES Rep: Kelly Chan
KG Rep: Adeline Choy Lam

We had a live partial coverage of the AGM on our Facebook page ( where you are welcome to watch a replay of the live video.

ICS PA Executive Committee 2016-17

Chairman: Eddie Tsui
Vice Chair: Fiona Gauntlett, Maggie Lau Tsih
Secretary: Virginia Lam Chan
Treasurer: Kenneth Leung

Campus Representatives

Kindergarten (2)
Amy Wong Yip, Adeline Choy Lam

Elementary (6)
Davy Wong, Crystal Do Au, Kelly Chan, 3 vacancies

Secondary (6)
Shelly Griggs, Theresa Lau Muk, Sally Wong Ng, 3 vacancies

Prayer Coordinators (2)
Anthony Wong, Rebecca Xie Zeng

There are a few vacancies for Campus Representative. If you would like to serve or would like more information, please contact us.

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