Monday, August 7, 2017

2017-2019 PA Executive Committee

Welcome to the new school year of 2017/2018.
During the last AGM in May 2017, we voted in our current executive committee members:

2017-2019 PA Executive Committee (PA EXCO) Members
Chairman             Kenneth Leung
Vice Chairman    Maggie Lau-Tsih
Vice Chairman    Kelly Chan
Secretary              Vicki Maronilla
Treasurer             Sharon Szeto 
Campus Representatives
  • Adeline Choy
  • Virginia Wong 
  • Crystal Au
    Jennifer Lam
  • Ester Leong
  • Davy Wong
  • Polly Yee  
  • Fiona Chan
  • Benjimen Chu
  • Ruby Lam 
  • Virginia Lam
  • Wang Xiao Lei 
  • Pai Li Shu
Prayer Group Coordinators
  • Anthony Wong
  • Rebecca Zeng
We look forward to working with all parents, teachers and staff in the coming two years. Please do not hesitate to approach any of us or email regarding any concerns or observations you may have. Thanks

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