Monday, December 14, 2015

Dr. Esther Su spoke at ICS

ICS Parent Association invited Dr. Esther Fai Wan Su to speak at ICS about parenting from a biblical perspective by bridging faith and life. There were nearly 100 RSVPs so the original venue was changed to the Lu Kao Hwa Theater. Like the eyecare seminar held in September, the talk and information were well received and we hope to invite her back again along with other speakers regarding topics that may be interesting to parents. For more information about books written by Dr. Su, please visit

Thursday, December 10, 2015


The PA ExCo EGM was successfully held on 9 Dec, 2015 with 40 proxy forms received and 17 members in attendance. As there were fewer nominations than vacant positions, the nominations received were accepted with a unanimous show of hands. We also appointed 2 Prayer Coordinator positions. Therefore, the new PA ExCo members for the rest of the academic year 2015-16 are:

Chair: Eddie Tsui
Vice Chair: Eppie Lam, Fiona Gauntlett
Secretary: Kelly Chan
Treasurer: Kenneth Leung
Membership Secretary: Becky Su
Campus Reps-
             Kindergarten: Polly Wong, Amy Wong Yip
Elementary: Pippi AuYeung Lo, Crystal Do Au, Davy Wong
Secondary: Bert Wong, Kinal Ng, Jennifer Loh, Shelly Griggs, Theresa Lau Muk 
Prayer Coordinators: Rebecca Xie Zeng, Anthony Wong

If you have any questions regarding the PA or just want to reach out to the PA, please email us at