Thursday, December 10, 2015


The PA ExCo EGM was successfully held on 9 Dec, 2015 with 40 proxy forms received and 17 members in attendance. As there were fewer nominations than vacant positions, the nominations received were accepted with a unanimous show of hands. We also appointed 2 Prayer Coordinator positions. Therefore, the new PA ExCo members for the rest of the academic year 2015-16 are:

Chair: Eddie Tsui
Vice Chair: Eppie Lam, Fiona Gauntlett
Secretary: Kelly Chan
Treasurer: Kenneth Leung
Membership Secretary: Becky Su
Campus Reps-
             Kindergarten: Polly Wong, Amy Wong Yip
Elementary: Pippi AuYeung Lo, Crystal Do Au, Davy Wong
Secondary: Bert Wong, Kinal Ng, Jennifer Loh, Shelly Griggs, Theresa Lau Muk 
Prayer Coordinators: Rebecca Xie Zeng, Anthony Wong

If you have any questions regarding the PA or just want to reach out to the PA, please email us at

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