Tuesday, February 8, 2011

HIKING this Saturday
Contact person: Dr. Tony Ma at icspaexco@gmail.com
Date: Feb 12, 2011
Time: 10am to 3:30pm (approximate)
Route: Wu Kau Tang (烏蛟騰) via Sam Ah Tsuen (三椏村) to Lai Chi Wo (荔枝窩) back to Wu
Kau Tang (烏蛟騰), in North-Eastern part of the New Territories
Will begin and end at the parking lot of Wu Kau Tang.
Actual hiking time is expected to be within 4 hours (for children), one hour of lunch time/big rest.
Difficulty: Two stars out of Five stars
Special Points: Not difficult, children should be OK; Scenic view of N-E part of the New
Territories; educational tour of the ecology of that region e.g. mangroves
1. Private car, free parking lot at Wu Kau Tang parking (about 27 carpark spaces available);
car-pool encouraged to reduce the number of cars. Tolo Harbour Highway towards North, left
highway at Tai Po, head towards Tai Mei Tuk (大尾篤) along Ting Kok Road (汀角路), then
Bride’s pool road (新娘潭路), turn right along Wu Kau Tang Road till the end of the road
(Parking lot).
2. Mini bus at Tai Po Market station (20C to Wu Kau Tang). Infrequent schedule, every two hours
starting from 5:45am. Hotline at 28736808
3. Taxi e.g. From Tai Po.
Prepare for your own food, drinks, hats, sunscreen etc. Food available at Sam Ah Tsuen (三椏村)
Cancelled if there is any typhoon or yellow rain or above.
For those interested, please send their names and number of people to Tony Ma (grade 10 parent)
at icspaexco@gmail.com Deadline 12 noon on Feb 11, 2011.

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