Sunday, August 28, 2011

HS Community Potluck 2011

Last Thursday the HS and the Parents Association hosted a HS Community Potluck and new parent info night as well as a “Preparing for College” seminar by Sue Farley. People started arriving around 6 p.m. and those interested were led on a school tour by Student Council Reps.

It was nice to see students, parents, and faculty chatting together around the Upper Gym.

A welcome announcement and prayer by the HS Principal, Brian Van Tassel, introduction of the teachers and the PA, and performance by the Show Choir led up to the potluck dinner at 6:45 p.m.

People got their food then stood or sat in circles continuing to chat among themselves while violin and cello music wafted through the air.

About an hour later, people split up to go to the new parent info presentation or college-prep talk, while others continued to hang out and talk or go downstairs to the Lower Gym that was also open at this time for sport.

Overall, the event went well and there was enough food for all. We hope more parents and students will join in the future!

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