Monday, May 14, 2012

2011-12 Chairman's Report

As parents, nothing makes us more proud than seeing our kids come home with a smile, telling us how the teachers, classes or events at school have helped them grow as a person. It is towards this end that many parents from the P.A. continue to serve voluntarily and tirelessly at ICS. 

For our beloved teachers and staff, we organized appreciation lunches and sent them cards and gifts on festive occasions. Every month, our campus representatives (2 for Kindergarten, 6 for Elementary and 6 Secondary) met with their principals to create positive communication channels to keep the parent community informed and to mobilize people to assist in school-wide activities.

For the students and parents, we served them through our regular prayer meetings (Elementary and Secondary daytime, evening for All School, and lunchtime at Central) and Elementary Parent Support Groups. We kicked off the year with a special evening prayer session led by Cindy Aufrance and we specifically prayed for God's direction for ICS. Ms. Maria Lau organized the monthly Elementary Parent Support Group meetings by inviting speakers to share interesting and important topics, and all who came received great benefits in their parenting journey. We will certainly miss Maria when her family relocates next year, and pray that someone will fill her role soon.

For the wider ICS community, we held two outreach events: Fireproof movie at the school Lu Kao Hwa Theater in the Fall, and the Annual Gospel Dinner in March 2012 (ran with a surplus due to generous donations, and praise God that 20+ people committed their lives to the Lord). This year we again invited staff from Hong Yip to attend the dinner as a way to show our love and appreciation to them.

This past year the parent community was honored to take part in the new Headmaster candidates’ forum. The PA formed a special committee called Parents Association Next Headmaster Committee (PANC), through which we collected over 100 parents’ opinion by eClass, and then recruited 30 parents as a fair representation of our community to attend the forum. I personally want to thank the five members of PANC for their sterling efforts.

As in previous years, we continue to use our membership dues wisely in supporting the Fall Festival, Renaissance Dinner, HS camp, Alpha Oxygen Camp, Vida Nueva camp, HS and MS fellowships, and made book donations to the library. We also show our appreciation and recognition to long- serving staff at ICS by purchasing special items for school use in honor of their faithful service.

We would like to express our utmost thanks to Ben Norton, Tim Wong, LC Wan and Lydia Lee as they leave ICS this year. They have been wonderful stewards and servants and we wish them the best in the future.

We covet your prayer and we invite all parents to consider joining the PA Executive Committee as a campus representative. Together we can make things better, all for His glory and honor!

Pastor Fai Chan
P.A. Chair on behalf of the P.A. Executive Committee

Don't forget to fill out your proxy forms and send it to if you can't make the meeting May 29. Proxy form, AGM Agenda, and minutes from last year's meeting here:

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