Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Welcome to a new school year 2012-13

PA ExCo is excited to start the new year. We will have our first meeting on August 25th and are looking forward to all the events we're planning for this year. Prayer groups are setting up their schedules and we'll be working with the counselors to roll out some interesting/informative topics for parent seminars. Back to School Nights are coming up starting with MS and ES next week, and the HS new parent info night the following week.

Here are your 2012-13 PA Executive Committee

Chairperson: Fai Chan, HS parent
Vice Chairpersons: Marlon Cheung, HS parent, Andrew Ngo, ES parent
Treasurer: Kirby Chan, Middle and HS parent
Secretary: Becky Su, HS parent

Secondary PA Reps: Grace So, HS Parent
Rosemary Choi, Linda Glover, Middle and HS parents,
Amy Turner, Penny Yue, MS parents (1 vacancy)

Elementary PA Reps: Ruby Lam, Eddie Tsui (4 vacancies)
Kindergarten PA Reps: Ada Kwok, Chris Lo
Prayer Group Coordinators: Phyllis Fung, Eppie Lam, Middle and HS parents

You will notice we have some vacancies, so if you or someone you know would like to serve, please email us:

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