Thursday, October 4, 2012

ICS Kindergarten hosted opening ceremonies for both AM and PM sessions and "New Beginnings" in the evening, a more formal dedication ceremony for the new ICS Kindergarten location with members of the community present in addition to key donors, HM, Board of Trustee, School Supervisor, Parent Rep, Student Rep, Teachers, and Principals

Welcome - Headmaster John Nelson

Principal Karen Whenuaroa - "Walk Down Memory Lane"

Principal Gillian Wu - "New Beginnings"

Amy Leung, from Advancement gives special thanks and acknowledges important people in attendance - district council member, police dept rep, neighboring school principal and head teacher, donors, etc

Teachers cut the cake

Some of these current seniors started ICS in Kindergarten!

Tony Ma - Board member, Becky Su - PA ExCo member

It was nice to see part of the playground the PA helped fund in honor of
Beverly Van Hoy's service was relocated to the new Kindergarten - the part that didn't fit is currently at Shek Mun campus on the 2/F podium playground

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