Sunday, May 26, 2013

Chairman's Report 2012-13

Dear ICS parents,

This past year has been a special year of blessings at ICS! Let me highlight some events below. I also want to encourage you to take a look at the events and photos on our beautiful blog:

In August 2012 we hosted a lunch to welcome new staff and teachers, and nothing is better than treating them to “yum cha”, which we did at Royal Park Hotel restaurant. Throughout the year faithful parents helped prepare appreciation lunches, providing turkey at Thanksgiving, and helped with campus decoration during Christmas and Chinese New Year.

P.A. is also keen on bringing the gospel to our community. In the Fall we hosted the live streaming of Jeremy Lin HK gospel event at our Lu Kao Hwa Theater. Hundreds came and many raised their hands to accept the Lord as savior. Then in the Spring we staged a Gospel Dinner at Regal Riverside with Rev. C.C. Ng as main speaker. His message of Father’s love touched our hearts and reminded us how little our love towards others is when compared to God’s love. Mr. Marlon Cheung (our longest serving P.A. Executive Committee member) also gave his testimony before the message; he shared how God touched him and healed him even though one doctor gave him only a few months to live. Marlon is now almost cleared of cancer cells and continue to use his testimony to glorify God. Praise the Lord!

In late April the P.A. hosted a special evening gathering called Time with ABBA, and invited school administrators, teachers, staff, parents and students to form a chain of blessings after some great worship. All who came were so blessed, we want to give thanks to our Father and will continue doing it in various forms in the future.

Yes, P.A. collects membership fees from many parents and we use our money wisely to benefit the community. To recognize Mr. Tim Wong’s many years of service at ICS, we donated money to help purchase a new die-cut machine at KG campus, to save teachers from traveling to Shek Mun for what was previously the only school set. We also volunteered and purchased good books and DVDs and assembled them into what we call the Parent Resource section of the Secondary Library. Please check these out as great family entertainment and parenting resources at home. As usual , we also supported the Fall Festival (sponsoring the jumping gym), HS Camp, Alpha Camp, Vida Nueva Camp, and HS and MS Fellowships with snacks, food and prayers! Talking about prayers, there are many daytime and evening time prayer meetings organized by our P.A. prayer coordinators. Many grades also have their specific grade level prayer cells that meet regularly. We pray you can join one next year, and help bless ICS to become what God wants us to be!

Pastor Fai Chan
On Behalf of the P.A. Executive Committee

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