Friday, March 6, 2015

All School Praise and Worship

Update from the Pure Worship Committee

❧ Hallelujah! God’s Glory in ICS!❧ 

Glory, Honor, Power and Praises to the Lord Jesus Christ! During the “Pure Worship”(Feb 27), the portal between heaven and earth opened, the heavenly realm moved in ICS, some kids and adults saw His angels, His presence and His visions.

 The joy of the Lord flooded His people’s hearts. His blessings as heavy rain bestowed on His people. Surely a glimpse of heaven will change our lives.

We thank God for His people who served selflessly to make this worship as a pleasing sacrifice. Big thanks to:
Parents and students in Poster and Banner design
Christian musician friends in Worship Team
ICS Children’s Choir and Music Teachers
Parent Shofar Team
 Technical support staff

Thanks for your coming and support. Hope to receive God’s blessings with you all again next time.

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