Monday, August 23, 2010

Executive Committee members 2010-11

We would like to present the ExCo members for 2010-2011. You will notice we have some vacancies, so if you or someone you know would like to serve, please find the nomination procedure and info on the: PA Documents page.

Chairperson Fai Chan
Vice Chairperson Jacquelyn Chan
Vice Chairperson Marlon Cheung
Treasurer Kirby Chan
Secretary (vacant)

Campus Representatives:

Kindergarten (2) Ruby Lam, (1 vacancy)

Elementary (6) Melody Funk Landes, Andrew Ngo, Maria Lau, Monic Mou, Penny Yue, (1 vacancy)

Secondary (6) Rosemary Choi, Louisa Lee, Becky Su, Vanessa Chan, (2 vacancies)

Prayer Group Coordinators: Phyllis Fung, Tony Ma

Please consider joining the PA if you haven't already. Resgistration forms and other PA documents are located: here

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