Monday, May 31, 2010

Minutes of ICS PA AGM (09-10)

Friday, May 28, 2010, 7:30 pm
ICS Chapel, 5/F

1. Quorum was met for the AGM meeting with 53 member proxies received and 12 members in attendance (total 65). There were several conflicting events scheduled for the same evening resulting in a poor showing.

2. Pastor Fai Chan was invited to open the AGM with a prayer.

3. 2008-09 AGM minutes were reviewed, Kirby proposed to accept and no objection received. Minutes passed.

4. Marlon Cheung (Chairman) gave his report for the year 2009-10.

5. PA Finance Report (as of 4/30) was reviewed and about $10,000 more in expenses expected to be claimed will change totals of campus spending.

6. Queenie Wong, Election Committee Chair, took the floor to present the nominees for the Executive Committee election. As there were fewer nominations than the vacancies, all nominations were accepted –Vice Chair: Fai Chan; Treasurer: Kirby Chan; Kindergarten Rep: Ruby Lam; Elementary Reps: Maria Lau, Monic Mou, Penny Yue, and Andrew Ngo (moving up from Kindergarten); Secondary Reps: Vanessa Yun; (re-elected): Rosemary Choi, and Becky Su

Therefore, the new EXCO members for 2010-11 were announced – Chairman: Marlon Cheung; Vice Chair: Jacquelyn Yu, Fai Chan; Treasurer: Kirby Chan; Secretary: (vacant); Secondary Representatives: Louisa Lee, Becky Su, Rosemary Choi, Vanessa Yun, (two vacancies); Elementary Representatives: Melody Funk, Andrew Ngo, Maria Lau, Monic Mou, Penny Yue, (one vacancy); Kindergarten Representatives: Ruby Lam, (one vacancy); Prayer Group Coordinators: Phyllis Fung, (one vacancy)

7. AOB - PARC (PA Reform Committee) is planning future meetings. PARC and teachers reps. are exchanging proposed future PA/PTA constitution drafts. Once they have reached consensus, PARC then can present it to the PA members for decisions. Current PARC structure: Dr. Jimmy Fung (non PA EXCO) as Chairman, Alex Hung (PA EXCO) as secretary, Marlon Cheung (PA EXCO), Rosemary Choi (PA EXCO), Queenie Wong (non PA EXCO) and Annie Wong (non PA EXCO).

8. As there was no further business, the Chairman invited Vice Chairman Kirby Chan to close the AGM meeting at 8:25pm.

AGM (2009-10) Minutes

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