Saturday, September 11, 2010

HS Community Potluck

Last night the Parents Association hosted a HS Community Potluck. People started trickling into the Upper Gym around 6 p.m. and after dropping off their contribution to the food table, started conversations with other parents and faculty. Kids found their friends - some played the games set out on a table for small groups and others were in the Lower Gym that was also open at this time for volleyball and basketball.

From HS Community Potluck 2010

A welcome announcement by the HS Principal, prayer by our PA Chair, a presentation on Parent Courses in the works, and singing led by the Worship Team were a prelude to dinner.

From HS Community Potluck 2010

While everyone was lining up to get food then sit in circles or at tables, several of our talented vocal ensembles serenaded us.

As people finished eating some mingled to talk to others, while others went back downstairs to the Lower Gym to play ball again.

It was great to see teams made up of all grade-levels of the HS as well as a few teachers and parents playing both volleyball and basketball. We were prepared with team games of Pictionary and Dodgeball, but decided not to play since people were OK with the other activities.

Overall, the event went well and there was enough food for all. We hope more parents will join in the future!

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