Saturday, September 11, 2010

Parent Courses

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on the Cleansing Stream Seminar we would like to offer at school starting at the end of the month. Please email us at to let us know if you'd be interested in joining.

What happens at CSM Basic Seminar?

The CSM Basic Seminar usually lasts for 12-13 weeks and it consists of five seminars and one weekend retreat. Seminar meetings are held fortnightly or weekly. For each seminar, there will be a Bible-based video teaching, and a small group discussion in a relaxed and safe environment. The video teaching and small group discussion can be run on the same day or on separate days. Each seminar typically lasts for 2 hours.

It is essential that participants set aside 1 to 2 hours each week to complete homework and course material. Weekend retreat runs on a Friday evening and all day Saturday, held twice a year, usually in the Spring and Fall. Teaching on additional topics and personal ministry is the highlight of the retreat. Breakthroughs and changes lives are the result.

Cleansing Stream Basic Seminar runs twice a year through various local churches in Hong Kong, conducted in Chinese, English, and other languages (French, Nepalese, Sri Lankan), and we look forward to expand to more language groups in the future.

CSM Basic Seminar and Retreat topics:

Seminar 1: Walk in the Spirit

Seminar 2: Commit Everything to God

Seminar 3: Speak Words of Life

Seminar 4: Enter the Cleansing Stream

Weekend retreat: Friday evening and Saturday all day. Some topics include:

Passage to Purity
Guilt, Shame and Condemnation
Healing from the Orphan’s Heart
Additional topics will be included as needed
Seminar 5: Press Towards the Goal

Please note that the Seminars prepares the participant’s heart to receive ministry and to better understand the spiritual dynamics presented at the Retreat. The Seminar and Retreat are structured in such way that they compliment one another through pairing discipleship and deliverance. Hence it not possible to attend the retreat without first completing the seminars.

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  1. Due to insufficient number of people signing up, we will be postponing the course until the next term. I apologize to those who have sent in their application forms. I will hold them for the next term and reconfirm with you again in Spring 2011.

    Cleansing Stream Seminars are conducted twice a year throughout Hong Kong. Once in the Fall and once in the Spring. I will send out another email in Spring 2011 to inform you of the next course. In the meantime, do watch out for other PA sponsored courses for parents in the future.

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