Thursday, December 1, 2011

Let your voices be heard!

The work of the Search Committee formed by the Board of Trustees for the recruitment of the next Headmaster is in full swing. In order to assist the Search Committee, the PA ExCo has just formed a working sub-committee called the PA ExCo Next Headmaster Sub-Committee ("the PANC") to collect parents' views on the expected qualities that parents may have on the next Headmaster. The PANC will convey the parents' views collected to the Search Committee and the Board.

The PANC comprises five PA ExCo members (Grace So, Ronna Chao, Monic Mou, Andrew Ngo and Tony Ma as chairman)

We hereby invite you to take this opportunity to write down up to FIVE qualities you would like to see in the next HM (e.g., spiritual leadership, financial stewardship, etc.) and send them by by email to
on or before Friday 9 December 2011.

Parents are one of the major stakeholders of the ICS community; let your voices be heard.

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