Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Source of Happiness

The ICS Parent Association (PA) is hosting our annual Gospel Dinner on Friday March 23, 2012 at the Grand Capital Banquet Hall in Shatin Town Hall. (沙田京都高級宴會廳). This is a gospel outreach activity for the entire ICS community, particularly targeting non-believers. This year’s speaker is Rev. Young Man Chan (陳恩明) who is a gifted crusade speaker. The topic is The Source of Happiness (快樂的泉源). We would encourage everyone in our community to invite other parents and children, family members and friends to attend this meeting. We hope to bring the love and grace of our Lord to many more others who have yet to know Him personally.

The dinner table price was set at HK$2880 ($240 per person x 12). To facilitate easy booking, we would appreciate booking of a minimum of one table for each reservation. You may sponsor one table (or more) by faith, send us the fee accordingly, then start inviting people to fill up the table. On the other hand, participants may gather together to form one table (12 people for each table) and one person will be responsible for the registration and booking.

For registration, please send email to , then send a cheque payable to International Christian School, marking "Gospel Dinner 2012" at its back, attention to Becky Lee Su (secretary of PA of ICS). Acknowledgement of receipt will be issued later via email to the registrant.

We are encouraged by the response of the Gospel Dinner last year. Seeds were sown and souls have been saved. Do pray earnestly for this event and start inviting your friends now! Try to have a few Christian friends seated in the same table as your non-Christian friends, so they can be cared for properly.

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