Saturday, August 10, 2013

Back to School 2013-14

The summer seems to have flown by! Students went to orientation and have finished their first full days of their Odd and Even schedule.

The PA ExCo will have their first meeting Monday, Aug 12, 7:30pm to welcome new reps and hash-out the year. Parents are welcome at our meetings. Please do let us know if you are interested in attending.

There are still a couple positions available: Secretary and SS Rep, but even if you don't feel you are ready to step into an actual position on the ExCo, we welcome your ideas and help.

We will try a variety of ways to keep our families abreast of PA happenings via this blog and Schoology for now...stay-tuned! Feel free to contact us by email: with any questions or concerns. Here's wishing everyone a wonderful school year!

Your 2013-14 Executive Committee

Chairperson: Fai Chan 

Vice Chairpersons: Andrew Ngo, Grace So 
Treasurer: Kirby Chan
Secretary: vacant (Amy Turner, acting)
Financial/Membership Secretary: Becky Su
Kindergarten PA Reps: Adeline Choy, Yammie Lau
Elementary PA Reps: Eddie Tsui, William Ho, Virginia Lam, Ada Kwok, Peter Hsu, Chris Lo
Secondary PA Reps: Rosemary Choi, Amy Turner, Penny Yue, Eppie Lam, Salina Lo, Grace So (acting) Prayer Group Coordinators: Phyllis Fung, Eppie Lam (acting)

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