Thursday, September 12, 2013

Mid-Quarter already!

Can you believe it's mid-quarter already?! PA ExCo have had two meetings with HS Student Council Reps and HM John Nelson in attendance as well. Minutes will be posted online after approval at subsequent meetings: ExCo meeting minutes

We want to thank Chris Lo, outgoing Elementary Rep, who has stepped down due to a new baby in the family. We also want to welcome a new Secondary Rep, HS parent, YK Ho. Campus Reps have been meeting with their principals and parents are welcome to join meetings or bring up any concerns to their Campus Reps who you may have met at Back to School Nights and whose info can be found here: ExCo contact info

At Back to School Nights, second-hand uniforms were set out for parents to pick up any items they felt would be useful for their students. These were collected from the Lost and Found and through donations of gently used or outgrown uniforms accepted in the school offices. 

Along with students from the Bridges Center, parent volunteers and occasionally students on detention, all chip-in to sort out Lost and Found. It's amazing how many nameless items pile up! Volunteers will try to return jackets and such if there are names written on the tags.

Along with Schoology posts and this blog, we have started a Facebook group as another way to keep in touch and provide a place for parents to communicate easily - please join us! PA Facebook group

We hope to keep our members up to date with PA happenings through our different web presences.

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