Monday, May 26, 2014

Chairman's Report

Dear ICS Parents,
The theme “unity” stands out clearly when we look back to the 2013-14 school year. By God’s grace we stand together as a unified community to serve and glorify Him.

1.    We prayed often and stand firm in our Christian faith when attacked by the media.
2.    We rallied as in one accord, and voiced out against the sports field land rezoning.
3.    We fully support donating ICS summer school scholarships to our neighborhood children, as our way of tithing and giving back to the community.
4.    We held the “Chain of Blessings” praise gathering for the whole school community in April 2013, and God answered our prayer when ICS successfully repaid the BEA loan in April 2014!

We are also honored to have served our school in these events:
-  Welcomed new ICS families on Orientation Day
-  Supported the annual Walkathon as well as Westward Bound
-  Provided refreshments at various music and drama events
-  Held a parent seminar to share and support families in the college application process
-  Decorated campus and a live Christmas tree donated by a parent, and also decorated for Chinese New Year
-  Provided turkey for Thanksgiving celebrations and food for teacher appreciation lunches

Service and prayer go hand in hand. All the above efforts are supported by parents, many that attend one or more of the scheduled daytime and evening prayer meetings organized by our PA prayer coordinators. Quite a few parents have also organized their specific grade-level prayer cells that meet on a regular basis. We pray you can join one next year and help bless ICS to become a place to shine for God’s glory!

Pastor Fai Chan
On behalf of the PA Executive Committee

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